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Lunch Boxes


I love to blend the vintage with the contemporary and whimsical. Again these boxes ” hold something”… they also hold wonderful memories. They are created by using vintage lunch boxes, painting my image and then applying each seed bead with surgical tweezers. Semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals are also added. If you have a […]



My grandmother was from England and whenever there was a happening, be it happy, sad or just a quiet visit time, she served tea. So working on teapots was a natural for me. I also love to work with the movement they provide. I am very attracted to working on objects that Hold something. I […]



I was commissioned to represent the twelve tribes of Israel on a Synogogue arc. It was quite a daunting task that took one and a half years to complete. I did extensive research and the art is a direct interpretation of biblical text. I created the images in a simplistic form so that they could […]

Cherry Goldblatt